Is the insurance period for waterproof warranty equal to the service life?

1 Do you buy a warranty or buy quality?

I often ask customers to ask me if your company has been insured for several years. I heard that it has been 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years. In fact, people who ask this question are wrong in the direction of the problem. Usually I will tell you that I will sell you a warranty period. If you need it for a few years, I can sell it to you. The more years you have, the higher the price. Jokes, of course, it is impossible to sell only the warranty. What is important is that consumers should understand whether there is any suitable material for the use of materials. Whether the manufacturer is professionally constructed and familiar with the building structure is an important factor for success and security.
2 professional construction companies are very important
Usually, the contractors who are said to be in the warranty period are usually accompanied by the construction period, but when the completion of the warranty, the leak is found, the current contractor will repair it in the warranty, but it has been repaired numerous times until the warranty At the end of the day, it will be completed and you will not have to deal with it. Or you can declare your surrender first, and swear that you will never want the construction workers to make a mess at home, and that life will be mad. More and more bad manufacturers call it once or twice. By the third time, they will say goodbye to you under any excuse, so it is very important to find a professional construction company.
3 quality is the focus

For a penny, I think the basic reason should be "construction". We can ask for the quality of "construction", but for the owner, the owner may require a long-term warranty. In general, after a certain period of use of the waterproof layer, unless the material itself deteriorates, there will be almost no problem. As for the problem of material deterioration, it should be requested from the material construction specifications, rather than the responsibility of the industry. Therefore, the responsibility for the waterproofing industry in foreign countries is generally only about five years.
The warranty period of the waterproof project is "not equal" to the life of the waterproof layer.