Refused to the deepest floor of the building, to solve the problem of roof waterproofing, 10,000 yuan to get yourself!

Why is the roof waterproof and insulated?

    Because Taiwan is located in the subtropical region, the tin house is very hot in summer, with a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, especially in the afternoon when thunderstorms occur. The noise on the roof is very noisy, and the people living on the top floor are often in dire straits. Among them, the heat-insulating waterproof material not only protects the outer layer of the roof, but also has waterproof and heat-insulating effects, reduces indoor temperature and reduces noise, and solves the intractable diseases at one time!

    You can apply waterproof material and heat insulation material through DIY. If it is 15~20 m2 of the top floor space, you can get waterproof and heat insulation within about 10,000 yuan.

    Roof leakage generally has the following conditions: failure of the waterproof layer, structural cracking, water draining, or poor water accumulation. The main reason for the leakage of the building is that the waterproof material and the building materials have poor coupling. The waterproof layer is exposed for a long time, and it is easily damaged by the sun and rain. The water vapor pressure generated by the warm production causes bubbles and swelling and peeling. Generally, most of them are applied with waterproof coatings such as elastic mud, PU, epoxy epoxy resin and polyurea.

The following are common roof waterproofing practices:

1. Remove the old damaged and damaged waterproof layer, clean the surface, level the floor, remove the original waterproof coating, moss, dirt, etc., increase the adhesion of the paint, extend the service life, will not Because the water is too long to fall off the paint.

2. After repairing, start to apply waterproof material. After the floor is completely dry, use a roller brush to add a long handle. The brush method is the same as brushing the floor. The order is first to apply primer, waterproof paint, heat insulation finish. After the paint is applied, it should be dried for 1~2 days, so that it can be completely dried and then continue to follow the coating. Rolling 1~2 times can have waterproof and heat insulation effect.

3. Use PU material: Apply PU layer to block the surface layer of water to prevent moisture. The shortcoming of PU is that it is easily damaged by heat and easy to deteriorate. If it is waterproof, the original waterproof layer must be scraped off and the maintenance cost will be increased. PU is a method that is currently used more.

    The average person thinks that the house will be repaired by PU when the water leaks. The PU will be deteriorated. The surface after the construction is completed cannot withstand high temperature, the UV resistance is weak, the waterproof time is not long, and the construction cannot be done twice (the original waterproof layer must be scraped off). It may be the cheapest waterproof material to use at first, but it will cost a lot of time, time and most expensive waterproof materials.

Usually, many people will buy waterproof materials for their own work. There are many other polymer materials like PU and crystal powder on the market, but they don't know the cause of water leakage. After the application, they will still leak water. For many waterproof layers, they are applied. Cracks and cracks can occur in the insulation or protective layer. Let's find out how to deal with it!

First of all, first understand the roof you want to apply, whether there is an old waterproof layer (such as: waterproof paint, green PU, elastic paint, elastic cement), if any, please remove the poor waterproof layer, first degrade the roof The concrete is removed from the old waterproof layer and removed to the roof structure layer. If the waterproof layer is good, it can be removed without cleaning and the surface is clean.

1. Remove the old damaged and damaged waterproof layer, clean the surface and level the floor.

2. After repairing, you can start to apply waterproof material, roll 1~2 times, which can be waterproof and heat-insulated.

3. The correct concept of waterproofing must first stop the water and be waterproof. The internals are not well done, and the chances of repairing in the future are greater. It is better to do it once and avoid the worry in the future.

The following is an introduction to the thermal insulation and waterproofing products of Huacai Meidusha Coatings.

Why use inorganic crystal mineral insulation waterproof material

The old waterproofing method is like a "raincoat". It is covered with a layer of waterproof material on the outer layer. However, after long-term sunlight and rain, the waterproof layer is easy to embrittle and fall off. "Inorganic crystal mineral insulation waterproof material" can penetrate into In the concrete, combined with concrete, after the concrete is adsorbed, it will block the pores and prevent moisture from entering, and has excellent waterproof performance and heat insulation performance.

The following is the teaching of the use of inorganic crystal mineral insulation and waterproofing materials (construction is convenient and quick to get started). The product is powder + resin.

The following is the teaching of the use of inorganic crystal mineral insulation and waterproofing materials (construction is convenient and quick to get started). The product is powder + resin.


The following is the inorganic crystal mineral insulation waterproof material - insulation test effect (temperature difference of about 16 degrees)

Performance case





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