2019 Kaohsiung International Building Materials Exhibition - Perfect End


I am very happy to be able to participate in the most professional building materials exhibition in South Taiwan by the Economic Daily, Kaohsiung City Architects Association and Kaohsiung City Chambers Association. This time I hope to bring more people some waterproof knowledge and coating applications. Promote water-based paints and inorganic waterproof materials for building materials to be used in the future, to solve the phenomenon of water leakage and seepage in the public, and there are quite a lot of foreign people asking for this exhibition!

About 90% of the time per person per day is in the building, so architecture and people's lives can be said to be closely related. Kaohsiung International Building Materials Exhibition is a rich and diverse exhibition with great visibility. In recent years, no matter whether it is green building or wisdom. The general trend of architecture has also crossed into new circular economy issues in recent years. In the end, it is hoped that architecture can be healthy for people and friendly to the environment. This is what the people of the country need most.

The main visual wall surface created by the working team mainly uses geometric figures and collage design as the main axis to make the planning. The geometric figures are painted with stone paint, imitation wood grain, imitation rock, imitation wallpaper, etc. Sponge, roller and rendering technology make imitation paints with different visual effects.


相片 2019-9-5 下午5 07 28.jpg

The slabs are made of wood and painted with paint to achieve the visual effect of imitation granite. The long slabs set off the realistic texture of the granite, and the board is lighter and easy to transport!

相片 2019-9-5 下午5 07 15.jpg

On the left shelf, we placed the fabricated thermal insulation box, using inorganic crystal mineral insulation waterproof material, which can make the difference between the front and back temperature difference up to 16 degrees for display.

相片 2019-9-7 下午12 04 08.jpg

On the right shelf, there are many types of samples for the public to watch and touch the texture. The LOGO stereoscopic shape with 3D printing material is also placed on the desktop. A waterproof material test block is also placed for the public to test the waterproof effect.

相片 2019-9-5 下午5 07 06.jpg

During the exhibition, we also held activities. Using our waterproof materials, we can draw the desired graphics and text on the coaster. The painted area can achieve the waterproof effect, presenting a customized coaster and bringing the people home. !

相片 2019-9-8 下午2 02 59.jpg

相片 2019-9-7 下午10 18 33.jpg

相片 2019-9-8 下午1 59 57.jpg

相片 2019-9-8 下午4 40 42.jpg

 At the same time, the method and skill of applying paint on the scene can be used to show the way of use to the public. It can be easily applied at home and provided to friends who want DIY!


If you want to see the live-action friends, you can click on the link below to watch!





   相片 2019-9-11 下午4 30 18.jpg

相片 2019-9-11 下午4 30 49.jpg   相片 2019-9-11 下午4 31 10.jpg

Thanks to the people who came to the exhibition, constantly consult and warmly support us!

In the future, Medusa will have more room for creativity, and strive to develop more in the construction-related industries, space and environment, so that more people can enjoy a better living space.