Do the tiles always spit white? Now you have a better solution!
Now you can use Ai Waterproof to easily improve the whitening problem of tiles

Main causes of Baihua

"Baihua" refers to the soluble components in concrete, bricks and other materials that dissolve with water. After the water evaporates, the white salt attached substances are analyzed.

Generally, Baihua can be divided into dry, wet and crystalline salt.

Dry white flowers: more white molds that are formed on walls painted by cement and appear as powdery or filamentous. They will continue to regenerate after scraping and repainting, forming common wall cancer.

Wet white flowers: seepage from wall cracks or tile gaps with water, forming white water flow marks, or vomiting white.

Crystalline salt: The main ingredient is soluble salts such as sulfate or chloride.

The production of these substances does not come from the concrete itself. It may be caused by contaminated water or mixed materials during the mixing process, or by the infiltration of contaminated water into the structure.

White flower or wall cancer not only affects the beauty of the building, it will gradually be damaged by the stucco layer, which will affect the wall structure and reduce the life of the building. It will also indirectly affect the human respiratory system, causing easy asthma or allergic rhinitis. And other respiratory diseases.

Solution and improvement method

Because the exterior wall is continuously attacked by water, water will enter the cement mortar under the tiles from the gaps created by the tiles or other factors. To solve Baihua, we must first deal with the problem of waterproofing and drainage. However, if the cement structure is directly in contact with water and whitewash occurs, the properties of the cement material must be changed. For example, most people like to buy general waterproof materials on the market and apply waterproofing. The surface layer, because the outer layer is as weak as a raincoat, wall cancer will slowly grow from the edge, the surface layer will gradually peel off, and pieces will fall off.

Use love waterproof

It is added to the cement material and is completely integrated with the cement. The bottom layer is the protective layer to protect the structure of the building. It is different from the general materials on the market. The body is strengthened and the waterproof is strengthened. It is less than multiple processes, whether it is internal or Externally, they have made a hard shield for the structure.


1. According to the proportion, add in the cement material and mix evenly, then it can be applied

2. According to the proportion, add it in the caulking agent and mix evenly, then apply

3. According to the proportion, add it to the tile adhesive and mix evenly, then it can be applied

Value given to a building:

1. Improve the service life of buildings

2. Reduce the number of repairs

3. Increase construction efficiency

4. Improve economic efficiency