The old house is reborn, the dream comes true, and gives the old house a chance to change its age.

The old house is reborn, the dream comes true, and gives the old house a chance to change its age.

     The exterior wall renovation and interior design planning is now a highly inquiring project. The exterior wall waterproof decorative coating subverts the traditional construction performance, and the excellent colorful painting art decoration effect makes the colorful construction simple and old. The wall renovation is more completely new. The traditional old wall renovation requires multiple engineering procedures. Now it is directly painted on the cement base surface with exterior wall waterproof decorative paint, eliminating labor costs and material costs. In addition to saving labor and time, it also has versatility, such as waterproof, weathering, scrubbing, alkali resistance, etc. It is directly applied to the cement base to make the wall stronger, the service life is longer, and the scope of use has been expanded, such as residential District, office buildings, schools and other exterior wall projects, and even some can be directly painted on the tiles to solve the problem of removing the tiles.


1. Must block foreign water sources from entering the house
Even if the interior design is beautiful, the exterior wall is not well waterproofed, it can't resist the sun and rain, the wall wall cancer is generated, and the water leaks. The traditional building materials will be damaged, such as wallpaper, paint, wooden building materials, more serious. Extending wall cancer produces an allergen that harms the health of the occupants.

2. Is the roof exterior wall insulated?
Whether the roof of the building roof is well insulated or not is very important. The temperature generated by the heat source received from the outside of the wall will increase the indoor temperature, affecting the comfort of the body, and the air conditioner will cost more.

3. Old exterior wall building materials peeling off endangers personal safety
In the past, most of the buildings were mainly made of two tiles. After prolonged weathering, earthquake and climate, the probability of spalling increased, which jeopardized the safety of pedestrians. The owners should also bear medical responsibility and compensation for the injured pedestrians.

4. The building is beautiful and beautiful, and the building materials are highly functional, which can increase the price and attract the cost.
In recent years, in the case of higher and higher quality of life, most people are more demanding to buy a house. If the building is beautiful in appearance and novel in design, the value of the house will be greatly enhanced, and the real estate economy will be promoted.


Comparison of traditional and new methods


Traditional method

New coating method

Construction method

Destructive method

Non-destructive (based on the spot on the ground, if necessary, remove the tiles)


Extensive knockout of tile building materials

Micro-knocking, using paint for exterior wall building materials

Environmental pollution

a large amount of dust and gravel

Paint is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly

Degree of cracking

Easy water seepage crack

Repair the structure with good waterproof material, the paint is not easy to peel off, and the waterproof is good.



Fast spraying and reduced labor costs

Aesthetic effect

Less color choice changes

Customized and more selective


Low construction quality

High construction quality


The Middle Ages became a big battle and handed over to Huacai Meidusha.


After construction








Performance case


New homes are still in high demand, and there are more and more people who choose to buy second-hand houses for renovation. Therefore, the refurbishment of the exterior wall and the interior design plan are now highly inquiring projects, and the outer wall can be said to be in one The most important foundation for all renovations in the house! It also reduces the cost of “maintenance” in the future.

"Hua Cai Mei Du Sha" exterior wall waterproof decorative coating can adhere to the base layer well, solidify the old base layer, save construction cost, and reduce construction risk. Cement, tile, metal and other materials can be attached and perfectly combined with the base surface. The labor cost of exterior wall painting is directly reduced by more than 50%.