• High adhesion interface

High adhesion interface

Model : PR-001(一般型)、PR-703(磁磚型)、PR-705(金屬型)

│Main Ingredients│Denaturing Acrylic Resin

│ Scope of application │ PR-001 (general type) can be used as the interface between cement base, calcium silicate board, stone... and other new materials.

                    Add adhesion.

                    PR-703 (tile type) is used as an interface between a material such as glass, tile, etc. and a new adhesive material to increase adhesion.

                    PR-705 (metal type) acts as an interface between metal and new adhesive to increase metal surface adhesion.

│How to use │High adhesion interface material (this is the primer layer), add 50-80% water blending, as the interface between various base materials and new adhesive materials

│Coating method│Spray, brush, roller or airless paint sprayer

│ Drying time │ about half an hour outdoors, about 1 hour indoors

│Theoretical coating amount │80-90 m ^ 2 / 5 gallons. 1 road

│ Capacity │ 5 gallons