Huan Jen Tsai Yan-Exterior wall

It is mainly used for building exterior walls, interior walls, and modeling bodies. It is applied by spraying method and is not restricted by building shape.

Naturally realistic

It can simulate the stone provided by the owner, whether it is bluestone, granite, marble, etc... It presents natural stone appearance, the effect is very natural and lifelike, and the imitation of stone can be chaotic, non-stone paint can compare.

Yongbao Ruxin

No coarse and super-clear pores, it is not easy to get dirty, rinse with water to remove dust, the stain resistance is better than stone, and the long-term is better than the stone advantage.


Construction is often used to replace stone, used in high-rise buildings, light weight, weathered more weather-safe than stone, safe and does not fall off.

Good repair

The main material is directly sprayed to facilitate re-injection repair.