Beautiful decoration, but hidden hidden crisis

Beautiful decoration, but hidden hidden crisis


Many people want to decorate the beautiful, ignore the safety, beautiful decoration with polished quartz bricks, recessed lights with different atmosphere effects, cool design of floating stairs, etc., hidden in the beautiful appearance of many crises, must carefully consider the decoration Product and design features.

     The interior decoration often uses polished quartz bricks, which have a smooth and smooth effect, which can increase the sense of space visually and greatly improve the quality of life. However, the disadvantage is that the polished quartz brick has low water absorption rate and not only slippery, which is easy to cause casualties. Fully polished, semi-polished, use fully polished tiles should be kept dry, if the humidity is high, immediately use dry mop or air conditioner, fan to dry, will not slip; semi-polished low brightness, but the surface is slightly Rough, high slip resistance; matte quartz brick has the highest friction coefficient and strong safety.


Modern people pay attention to the design sense. They are different from the traditional traditional staircases. They use hollow floating stairs. The floating stairs should be combined with the wall surface in the decoration. The stability strength is enough. It should be directly connected to the structure to connect the steel bars and refill the concrete. Fixed, if it is installed afterwards, it is definitely insufficient strength and easy to shake. Others will remove the handlebars, posing extremely high risk to the elderly and children.


The indirect lighting of the recessed light is to hide the light fixture between the ceiling and the compartment. Compared with the direct lighting, the brightness of the light is softer. The light-insulated compartment is easy to hide and dirt. It is not easy to clean. When the electric fan is turned on, all the dust blows. Dispersed, filled in the air, is very dangerous for people with allergies.


Also pay attention to building materials, more and more people choose wood for decoration, from the floor, TV wall and cabinet, mobile furniture, to create a natural home style, but the use of wood paint, strong glue formaldehyde content may be too high, will affect Human health, try to choose water-based, low-formaldehyde, non-toxic building materials, such as paint, or wood for sustainable forestry management, are green building materials that are harmless to the human body and the environment, and can avoid the harm of chemical synthetic materials.


In addition to the decoration design, the old house has to be re-pulled when it is renovated. Hydropower is a very important key in the interior design. Modern electricity consumption is large, microwave ovens and ovens are basic equipment, so the circuit design should not be complicated. The socket should also be considered good, to avoid the doubt that there is a wire fire. Modern decoration design emphasizes holistic beauty, but home is still the most important safety. Never ignore safety for aesthetics.