Do you know the fascination of paint?

Do you know the fascination of paint?


1. The texture pattern shows the three-dimensional layering

Through the different color paste and sponge, the brushing technique of the brush, the irregular texture texture is presented. These textures make the wall surface change, the layer and the three-dimensional effect, and the special paint can give a sense of stone material, which can replace the more expensive true. Stone makes the space no longer monotonous.


2. It is not easy to fall off and repair

Strong adhesion and self-cleaning effect, the effect is more natural, no yellowing, blistering, cracking, let the space have more beautiful visual effects, can also be washed, scrubbed and waterproof and mildewproof, let users use More convenient.


3. Seamless connection and decoration is convenient

Compared with tiles, stone or wallpaper, the paint is not only rich in pattern, but also has fine texture and more seamless effect. The repair does not need to be removed, eliminating labor costs, whether it is cleaning or aesthetics. Good choice!


4. Functionality is good

In addition to the ever-changing textures, many special coatings are more functional. For example, mineral coatings have the function of adjusting the moisture of the space, and many of them are special coatings with deodorizing function, so that the space will not be functioned. Sacrifice beauty.