Find out the cause of water seepage and water leakage, and then really renovate the old house.

Find out the cause of water seepage and water leakage, and then really renovate the old house.     


If the cause of leakage is not found before the renovation of the old house, even if it is refurbished, it will not solve the problem of water leakage.

The longer the house is used, the more problems there are with water seepage and leakage. The most common problem is wall cancer and window frame seepage, but you must first understand the cause, so as not to be futile.


Old house leak crisis

It is generally believed that a house with a house age of 30 years or more can be called an old house. The average house life is 50 years, and the house with more than 30 years is a middle-aged house. Usually, "old house" is a kind of reinforced brick building materials, waterproofing of bathrooms and balconies, and mostly cement waterproofing materials. After many years of use, the waterproofing layer is often aging, causing the ceiling to leak or wall cancer, and the house itself is outside the bathroom. Walls often have wall cancer.

The common old house leaks have the following points:

1. Leakage caused by the use of equipment such as bathtubs, flow tables, plumbing devices, etc.

2. The outer layer of the house is used as a protective layer for aging, causing the inner wall to be cancerous or seepage and falling off, with traces of water marks.
3. The window frame filler material is aged, causing cancer or water seepage around the inner frame of the inner frame.
4. Leakage caused by aging of the water supply pipe (such as hot water pipe).
5. Drainage pipelines are poorly drained due to siltation over the years.
6. Leakage caused by deformation of the pipeline due to temperature difference.
7. The roof waterproof layer is aging, resulting in ceiling leakage, wall cancer or steel expansion and corrosion.


Identifying the problem before renovation is most important

Generally speaking, the longer the house is used, the more water seepage is caused, the higher the repair cost, especially the bathroom and hot water pipeline; the house on the top floor needs to consider the roof waterproofing problem. Therefore, the market demand for renovation of old houses is extremely high. It is recommended that you do your best homework before the renovation, to avoid the unresolved old problems and the endless problems of new problems.


The choice of indoor and outdoor waterproof manufacturers

The waterproof warranty period depends on 1/10 of the product's useful life, usually not less than one year. The selection of waterproof materials is recommended to have a qualified manufacturing certificate; after the waterproof construction is completed, it is necessary to carry out the water immersion test for 24 hours to do the water resistance test. Window renewal is necessary. Early windows are not airtight or have poor sound insulation; however, be aware that the watertightness of the frame caulking is good when the new window frame is installed? Usually, after the new window frame is installed, the outer frame and the wall surface can be directly watered by a water pipe for 30 minutes to determine whether the watertightness is complete. The problem will be solved once and for all, and the loss will be minimized.