Flaming art paint, don't say you haven't seen it!

Flaming art paint, don't say you haven't seen it!


    Nowadays, many families are paying more and more attention to indoor and outdoor decoration and environmental protection. Obviously, the concept of environmentally friendly decoration has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, especially for art paints with a large proportion of decorative area. Nowadays, latex paints and wallpapers have been replaced by new cement technology materials, which can be used in indoor and outdoor wall, floor and furniture finishes, with more choices in color and shape.

     Epoxy floor paints contain carcinogens such as MDA and TDI, and marble and ceramic tiles are also radiation-sensitive. The new cement technical material can be washed, oil-proof, waterproof and anti-seepage. It is easy to clean. It has strong bonding force and is not easy to peel off. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional cement mortar, often cracks and hollows, and is non-toxic and formaldehyde-free. It is environmentally friendly, so it is highly accepted by the market. It is easy to construct, light in weight, quick in condensation, and somewhat resistant to firewood. It is suitable for building renovation.

First, the advantages of art water-based paint

1. Using water as a solvent, saving a lot of resources; reducing air pollution, improving working environment conditions, and reducing the risk of fire during construction.

2. The coating has good adhesion and good adaptability to the surface of the material, and can be directly applied for construction.

3. The painting tool can be cleaned with water, which greatly reduces the consumption of detergent and reduces the damage to construction workers.

4. Versatility: flat, uniform coating, good protection, corrosion resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, alkali resistance, etc.


Second, the advantages of new cement technology materials

1. Environmental protection and health, the main raw materials are cement, adding some seaweed powder, volcanic ash and other minerals and polymer nano-materials, which are in line with zero pollution, zero formaldehyde, zero odor and ecological health.

2. Effective waterproof, anti-seepage, moisture-proof function, no mold, effectively solve the problem of wall cancer and water leakage.

3. Save labor and time, the construction is simple and convenient, and the smear is a batch of knives without odor and pollutants.

4. Super wear-resistant, strong enough, durable, no cracking, no fading.

5. Customized shape and color, a variety of choices, unlike ordinary traditional cement and building materials, only gray and white can be selected.

6. Easy to clean, self-cleaning, just wipe with a wet towel or a brush.


Many people are very fond of art paints. The following are pictures of Huacai paints applied as art paints.

Imitation paint

Imitation red copper

Imitation bronze

Imitation wood grain

Imitation wood grain

Rendering effect

Rendering effect

Imitation smoke effect

Imitation smoke effect

Here's a reference to the various art paints, let's try it out!