Huacai Coatings was recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the Innovation and Research Award 109th "The 27th SME Innovation Research Award"

Huacai Paint was affirmed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Innovation Award

Starting from the basic waterproofing project, and from the project to the research and development, we have developed many special waterproof materials Huacai coating industry. In view of the fact that the buildings in Taiwan are often plagued by wall cancer, water leakage, and tile whitening, they are determined to become "building health care. And preventive medicine experts", among which the "Medusa Inorganic Love Waterproof Additive" developed by Medusa has received wide acclaim from the industry, and recently won the 109th "27th SME Innovation Research Award" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Its research and development results Well recognized.


Huacai Coatings has been deeply involved in the waterproofing and coatings industry for more than 30 years. It has not only entered the Kaohsiung Nanzi Processing and Export Zone of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but also used the "Taiwan Medusa" brand developed and manufactured by MIT to enter the domestic and foreign markets.

"Inorganic Love Waterproof Additive" is a liquid plant-based inorganic cement additive. It can be said to be a breathable waterproof material. It follows the wisdom of the ancients and is developed with the concept of glutinous rice water and mortar waterproof. It has a friendly environment, non-toxic, tasteless, and excellent Waterproof, labor-saving and time-saving features, can be directly co-worked with cement, caulking agent, tile adhesive, etc., saving at least 50% of the man-hours, direct primer and waterproof, and can extend the life of the structure.

"Inorganic Love Waterproof Additive" adopts the concept of physical waterproofing, so that the waterproof particles are evenly distributed in the additives. Even the section is filled with waterproof particles, so even if the earthquake produces cracks, it will not seep; whether it is roof insulation and waterproofing, external Wall and balcony waterproofing, bathroom floor and wall waterproofing, window frame gaps, tile adhesives, caulking agents, stone washing, stone washing, etc., can be used and quickly constructed.