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Stone is one of the building materials that many people like, but it is more expensive, the permeability is high, the dirt is difficult to clean, and the weight causes a heavy structural burden on the building.

The coating is environmentally friendly, light in weight, highly functional, and multi-colored texture can be selected. It adopts spraying technology with zero dead angles. It can be evenly painted from the inside to the outside, no matter where it is at the turning point, upside down, sloping surface, etc.!

Stone is a non-renewable resource and the same construction area as the top commodities in the building materials market. The price of stone is more than 10 times that of imitation stone paint, and marble is at least 15 times.

A bucket of imitation stone paint = 1.3 tons of stone

For the same construction area, do you believe that only 1.3 barrels of stone conversion paint is needed?

The coating amount of a bucket of imitation stone coating is converted into the amount of stone, and about 1kg of stone is about 51kg. Approximately 1,326 kg of stone is required, and 1300 kg is equivalent to a family car! In order to mine beautiful and expensive stone, causing the felling of forest trees and destruction of animal habitats, the natural environment is slowly being consumed. Take a single building as an example. The entire building requires about 16 barrels of imitation stone. Paint (about 20 kg per barrel), converted to stone requires 21 tons, high consumption wastes costs and natural resources. The severe weight causes a burden on the strong structure. When an earthquake strikes, the vibration, cracks, and water ingress will affect the structural layers and even collapse, with unpredictable consequences.

Choose coatings with waterproof performance, weather resistance, reduce the load bearing weight of the house, save the expensive budget can be used for other indoor planning or design.

Huacai Medusa coatings have the effect of imitating stone and granite, using high resin content, natural and environmentally friendly water-based raw materials, waterproof, weather-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, easy to repair, easy to spray, and have a wide range of applications. Modeling, office buildings, landscape buildings, etc. can be used, which not only reduces labor costs, reduces wear and tear, and improves construction efficiency.

Create high aesthetics with a low budget

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