Pay attention to the quality of life, start from home, eliminate "formaldehyde", and emptiness

Pay attention to the quality of life, start from home, eliminate "formaldehyde", and emptiness


Most people think that air pollution comes from industrial and steam locomotives, so it is okay to hide in the closed space. However, according to the "Indoor Air Pollution and Health Report" issued by the World Health Organization in September 2011, the degree of indoor air pollution is 5 to 10 times higher than that of outdoor pollution; about 2 million people are affected by indoor air pollution every year. It causes premature death due to illness, while it is about 1.3 million people who die from outdoor pollution. The data clearly indicates that indoor air pollution requires more attention than outdoor air pollution!


Meet the indoor air pollution killer "formaldehyde"

Formaldehyde is a colorless, highly irritating gas. It is commonly found in daily life and supplies such as second-hand smoke, household cleaners, decorative building materials, and paints. Even if it is only exposed to a small amount of formaldehyde, the eyes, mouth and nose will be stimulated. For a long time, in the high formaldehyde environment, it is prone to eye itching and stimulate the trachea to cause cough. Past studies have shown that high concentrations of formaldehyde may cause acute pneumonia. It can even destroy DNA, causing problems such as nasopharyngeal cancer and bone marrow hematopoiesis such as leukemia and lymphoma. According to research by the National University of Yokohama in Japan, the release period of indoor formaldehyde is generally 3 to 15 years, and in the case of high temperature, rain and low pressure in summer, it is an active period of formaldehyde. The formaldehyde hazard at home is not a short-term problem, but a long-term, sustained release.


The first-class carcinogen is difficult to eliminate. Nearly 40% of the decoration formaldehyde exceeds the standard!

According to a study conducted by Dyson, more than 60% of consumers in Taiwan know that PM2.5 can cause harm to the body, but less than 30% of consumers know that toxic substances in building materials or furniture are also indoor air pollution. origin of. For example, daily household items, carpets, anti-wrinkle fabrics, cosmetics, paints, etc. will release formaldehyde.

To reduce formaldehyde, it is necessary to maintain indoor air circulation. Air purifiers can be used, or safe and healthy green building materials with low formaldehyde or zero formaldehyde can be used. There are hundreds of decorative building materials. The paints used abroad are daily visible building materials, which can be selected for families. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless water-based environmentally friendly coatings have maintained a healthy quality of life as an indoor building material.