2020 Won the SME Innovation Research Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

2020 Won the SME Innovation Research Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Congratulations to Huacai Coatings for winning the Innovation Research Award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Huacai Coatings started from the basic waterproofing project. From engineering to research and development, it has developed many special waterproof materials, using natural plants as raw materials to develop a series of safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. The paint and waterproof material are used, and the water-based paint is made into artificial stone and granite texture.

Plant-based inorganic calcification liquid waterproof, non-toxic, tasteless, safe water-based formula, easy to construct and work together with cement, can save more than 50% of time and labor, and because it is directly added to building materials, the thickness of the waterproof layer is far beyond the previous flexibility Cement, vinyl, PU, polyurea can reach the thickness. With such a thickness, even if the surface is damaged, the inner layer is also a waterproof material, which solves the result that the waterproof material is invalid after the surface of the waterproof material is damaged.
The traditional waterproof elastic clay is made at the bottom layer. When you find wall cancer, your structure is already full of water, the house will be wet, and the structural steel bars will be prone to corrosion! Mold is also produced, which then causes the tiles to fall and paint to peel off.

Waterproof additive for cement and concrete, the main body is well waterproofed. Strengthen the waterproof and sturdy basic structure of the wall, the most superior waterproof effect, and the most secure protective building material for the building.

The innovative research product "Love Waterproof" is a waterproof additive that can improve the construction quality of the existing construction industry for current wall cancer, cement construction, construction renovation, exterior wall renovation... etc. Because it is added to building materials and waterproof materials, The primer is the waterproof material, which greatly improves the construction process, improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, improves performance and quality, and extends the life of the building.

In recent years, combined with Arctic Optoelectronics energy-saving dimming control technology

Arctic Optoelectronics uses the core technology of electronic circuit design to actively develop, design, and produce lighting design and planning for space and environment. More dedicated to the field of "intelligent energy-saving lighting", using the exclusive developed and patented dimming drive device, it can control and adjust the light according to the light demand of different fields and different times.
"Energy-saving lamp control x smart building", through the combination of light and color, creates an interaction between the building and the city, allowing paint and lighting to create unlimited possibilities!