2020 Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition-a perfect ending

2020 Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition-a perfect ending

The 2020 Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition will showcase the "Energy-saving Light Control x Smart Building". Through the combination of lighting, color and color block stitching, the visual effect of passion and vitality is displayed.

The 2020 exhibition plan includes ``green buildings and green building materials'', ``smart buildings'', ``comprehensive building materials'', ``bathroom kitchenware'', ``lighting decorations'', ``floor materials and decorative building materials'', ``doors, windows and hardware building materials'', ``overseas "Exhibition Area" and "Furniture and Furnishings" nine exhibition areas.

In 2020, the exhibition will focus on "Architecture + Tolerance + Life" to discuss topics such as the ageing of houses and the barrier-free space, integrate nature into the interior, and strive for the right to a comfortable life for the people.

Taiwan's real estate industry is also facing multiple issues in the existing environment, such as: dual-age (old people and old houses), urban renewal, dangerous old buildings, climate change... and other issues.

Therefore, building green building materials are the focus of everyone's attention. If you want to live in a good quality, safe and comfortable environment, you must choose the right building materials, which are environmentally friendly, healthy and convenient for repairs, and will not cause trouble to the living environment in the future.

※ Building water-based paint

Replace the real natural stone with the paint of the simulated stone, and achieve [first-class flame-resistant, environmentally friendly green building materials]

※ Inorganic waterproof material

Good overall and good waterproof [fast construction, high waterproof level]

※ Customized simulation coating

Local Taiwanese manufacturer with its own strong R&D team