Tactile touch, mineral coating

Tactile touch, mineral coating


Mineral paint, unlike other paint components, it is made of natural mineral stone components, some of which are blended with potassium citrate solution or citrate, which has good gas permeability and cooling effect, zero formaldehyde, used in Indoors are not afraid of volatile toxic gases, a variety of colors, but also can make different pattern effects according to their own preferences, good hiding, touch cold and cool. With high gas permeability and high moisture permeability, moisture can be completely discharged and evaporated, and will not accumulate in the coating and cement wall, so it will not form wall cancer. If you want to choose indoor decoration building materials, mineral coating is a good choice!

Mineral coatings have been used for a long time. They were used by painters or artists in murals, painted buildings, monuments, ceilings, etc., soft colors and paints that can be created as imitations. The ingredients are safe and natural, mainly natural ore, non-toxic. It is tasteless, friendly to the environment, and functional. It does not harm the health of the author. It is made from nature and is a very good choice for those who value environmental protection.

Taiwan is an island-type climate country. Breathability is very important for building materials. To make the wall breathable, it is not easy to make the paint foam or peel off, or even cause mold, increase allergens, and affect the health of the family.

In addition to the function of protecting the building materials of the wall, it also achieves the functions of cooling and reducing humidity. It also has anti-mildew and anti-bacterial effects, and will not fade even when exposed to high ultraviolet rays. In the construction method, the repair can be directly cleaned or covered with a brush.

Diversified construction methods, customized texture, in addition to the basic planar base color brushing method, you can also use different tools to assist, roll coating, brushing techniques to achieve rendering effects, light and shadow effects, more texture modeling changes, rendering technology can make The wall surface has different color and light perception due to different light and shadow. It is no longer a monotonous single color wall. The gradual effect makes the office bright and artistic, and uses the brushing technique to add beauty to the building and enhance the building. Visual effects.

The following is the effect of using mineral paint




Medusa paint-Yu Rou Tsai Juang

General interior coating



a little



a little




Flame resistance

Flame resistant

Not flammable






a little




Adjusting moisture absorption

Adjustable humidity

Not regulating, easy to produce wall cancer

Flame retardancy

Does not produce black smoke when burning

Produces pungent black smoke when burned, may contain toxic carcinogens


Long-lasting weathering

Easy to fade, yellow, peeling


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