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I believe that everyone is familiar with green building materials. What is green building materials refers to the building materials that have the least load on the earth's environment and are harmless to human health in the raw material selection, product manufacturing, use process and recycling cycle. It is divided into health and ecology. Four types of, regeneration and high performance.


Most indoor spaces have the problem of high population density, and excessive use of decoration materials, resulting in waste of many materials and new indoor pollution sources. In order to effectively control indoor pollution sources, extend the life cycle of buildings and reuse materials, we then develop evaluation items and standards for green building materials that are suitable for domestic localization.

The current international concept of green building materials can be roughly summarized into the following characteristics: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, and Low emission materials.

Advantages of green building materials:

1. Ecological materials: reduce the ecological load and energy consumption of chemical synthetic materials.

2. Recyclability: Reduce energy and resource consumption in material production.

3. Health and safety: The use of natural materials and building materials with low volatile organic substances can reduce the hazards of chemical synthetic materials.

4. Material performance: The basic performance and special performance evaluation and control of materials can ensure the quality of building materials in the use stage


And healthy green building materials must pass a number of tests, such as formaldehyde, TVOC, no mercury, no heavy metals, non-toxic and so on. The cost and workability of the production process are higher than those of general coatings.

The future construction direction should use standardized, convenient construction, good maintenance, high environmental protection, low carbon energy saving, healthy and functional materials. We must greatly reduce the cost of using and construction of luxury materials to truly bring about a good quality of life. The healthy housing of the future must break away from the original production thinking of the construction industry, and put elements of environmental protection, low carbon, safety and health into it, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the occupants.


Green buildings should be "eco-friendly products with low price, no waste, high efficiency, and high CP value."


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