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Coating utilization rate, market scale of environmentally friendly products expanded

    The quality of building materials is closely related to life. It is recommended that you first understand that after starting to decorate, you will find that building materials are not suitable, which will cause very big troubles in life, such as difficult to clean, difficult to maintain, easy to peel off, etc., now teach How do you choose the best building materials!

         In 2019, the global coatings and coatings market will reach $143.9 billion, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will reach 5.4% between 2013 and 2019. Over the past 25 to 30 years, demand in the European coatings industry has steadily increased, in line with GDP growth. Building is the largest application area for coatings. Demand for residential exterior and interior wall coatings continues to increase, but large commercial buildings and infrastructure projects have led to positive developments in architectural coatings revenue. Ceresana's market researchers predict that by 2025, approximately 58% of paints and coatings will be used in the construction industry.
    Now in the water age, coatings and coatings are being widely used in building paints and finishes. Commercial buildings are the second largest end-users of coatings and coatings and are likely to develop at similar speeds to residential buildings in the coming years. In 2018, North America's coating demand exceeded 1.7 billion gallons, with an output value of more than $30 billion. The Asia Pacific region is the world's largest market, accounting for 45%, while North America is only 18%.

What is the paint?

    Simply put, the coating is a powder coating and a liquid coating that can cover solids, and the surface of the coating is changed to change the shape, chemical composition, structure, stress state, etc. of the solid surface to achieve landscaping and functional effects. The material has a wide range of applications, especially for water-based paints. The paint refers to materials that have been subjected to pre-treatment of the surface of metal or non-metal materials to obtain the desired surface properties and achieve a certain decorative effect.

What are the benefits of coatings?















The coating also has a number of functional characteristics, such as non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, heavy metal-free, environmentally friendly coatings that are breathable, water-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, wash-resistant, not easy to fall, natural and realistic, DIY, simulated stone, Imitation rock, wallpaper...

China's construction industry is also developing in the direction of energy conservation, green and environmental protection, which has led to the rapid growth of environmentally friendly products such as low VOC and water. They pay more attention to environmental protection and healthy home life, and promote the consumption of green products.

Modern consumers are more rational about the selection and use of products. In the process of purchasing, they will query through various channels and understand environmental protection knowledge. Consumers' awareness of environmental protection will rise, and the environmental identification ability of household products will also be greatly improved. In Germany, for example, 60%-70% of the entire building materials market in Germany is used for the renovation and renovation of existing buildings, and the market for new construction is only 30%.

How to apply paint?

First, look at the place where you want to apply, choose different paint types, generally used in building indoors, outdoors, floors, ceilings, etc., before the coating, the surface of the substrate must be cleaned, according to the type of substrate, Choose the type of primer for the coating. Different substrates will affect the adhesion of the coating, such as cement, tiles, wood, metal, iron plates, etc. Commonly used coatings have the following:

Indoor: latex paint, cement paint, diatomaceous earth, mineral paint, simulation paint, art paint, water mold coating, etc.

Outdoor: elastic texture paint, colorful paint, simulation paint, water spray mold coating, etc.

Roof: heat insulation coating, waterproof coating, etc.

The surface of the substrate must be cleaned before painting. According to the type of substrate, the type of primer should be selected. Different substrates will affect the adhesion of the coating, such as cement, tiles, wood, metal, iron plate, etc. .

Buy the rest assured, use the peace of mind, create a healthy living environment~

Huacai Meidusha Coatings seeks product differentiation through innovative technology, and effectively improves the environmental performance of products and enables consumers to consume with peace of mind.

Let's take a look at the beauty of Huacai Meidusha paint.

Medusa Coating Properties


Real stone VS coating

Simulation degree is over 95%







The following is a performance case

Generally, the new house has just been renovated. The most headache is that there is an unpleasant pungent smell in the paint or building materials. The formaldehyde smell makes people feel unpleasant and has great harm to human health, which may cause respiratory allergies. However, during the renovation period, the owner could not smell any uncomfortable taste at the scene. The Huadu Mesa coating product is non-toxic, odorless and zero-formaldehyde. It is harmless to the human body and is also very convenient to be applied. The construction workers use spray coating for construction. Reduce the construction time, the owner is very satisfied after the renovation!



Huacai Paint replaces the real natural stone with the artificial stone coating, and achieves the first-class fire resistance. The modern building should go to the concept of a century-old building. It should coexist with environmental protection, and develop forever, creating a pollution-free environment. We use a special aging technology to create a new generation of coatings that can be used in modern and traditional buildings to avoid the destruction of nature.


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