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Waterproof starts from physique

The backing surface itself is waterproof material to reduce the probability of damage

Through the special structure strengthening technology, waterproof, strong bonding, high density, two anti permeability, air permeability, structure trap, good permeability, strong adhesion, low water absorption, good impermeability properties, no heavy metals, suitable for general construction, engineering use.

1. pure inorganic special raw material mixing, with concrete, cement equivalent property fully combined. Enhanced adhesion, excellent durability.
2. excellent inorganic material, has low water absorption of 0.14%, is a must, with excellent waterproof, water construction. Moisture, alkali resistance, frost resistance, anti surge suppression, Bai Hua.

Range of use

reservoir, swimming pool, fishpond, basement, wall cancer, acid-base pool, bath, wall, wall, roof waterproofing, sealing door

5 gallons

Construction convenience
The way, proportion and habit, like the general cement, easy to use
The construction is fast and good bonding: it can be directly applied to cement base surface
Short setting time: good work, reduce working hours
Wide use
Backing surface: let the house itself have waterproof function. Elevator foundation pit, bathroom wall, exterior wall, swimming pool and so on
Trap: direct repair for Water Leakage, stop.
Tile seam: water absorption rate than tile low, improve the outer wall, from the joint penetration problem.

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