New inorganic waterproof building materials


Now the new waterproof building materials are different from the traditional waterproof materials.

"Meibibao" waterproof cement is a waterproof composite material that can effectively prevent water from penetrating and produce crystal material on the cement joint surface. After the crystal is hardened, it can form a protective wall with a hard solid body. It has strong adhesion and impact resistance. The protective layer can strengthen the structure of the building, and the scientific and technical water-based products that block the acid rain. The outer wall of the outer wall is waterproof, cold and hot, not hydrolyzed and waterproof, and there is no danger of falling bricks and stones.


Old waterproof material disadvantages:

1. Elastic cement:

The application of the new material as elastic resin means that the surface thickness of the cement is waterproof. After being subjected to high temperature, the elasticity will deteriorate, the water will be hydrolyzed, the sanding problem cannot be solved, the adhesion is poor, the air is not permeable, and the tile will bulge. Even if the thickness of the resin is as high as 5mm, the earthquake will crack and seep, and maintenance will be difficult.


2. Black plastic:

The characteristics of black rubber, even if a certain thickness is made, the earthquake will crack. The rain will make the cement absorb water, and the sun will be heated at high temperature, so that the cement hot water dissolves the black rubber and the black glue flows out, which will affect the appearance and waterproof performance.


In fact, whether the cement will crack, mainly the work of the master and the "base ratio of the bottom of the cement ratio" have an impact, if the ratio is wrong, and the dry time is not enough, the cement is still split sand.

The waterproof cement does not shrink, crack, or break, and can replace the old waterproof material PU, slime, black plastic, etc.

Meibibao can be combined with cement waterproofing to increase density. Cold water and hot water are not hydrolyzed, do not bulge, crack, and are not affected by high temperature. The cement structure is strengthened against earthquakes. Even if there are cracks and fine lines in new cement, the coating will not be thick. Water seepage, no hydrolysis, cracks caused by earthquakes, can be directly repaired, do not remove the tiles, can repair and recognize the problem of cement seepage.



1. Special crystal growth mechanism, sustainable activation and cement sand mixing, resulting in waterproof effect

2. Anti-positive and negative pressure, used for wet environment, obviously permanent waterproof

3. Resistance to acid and corrosion, preventing building aging

4. Penetrate crystals to fill cement pores and prevent wall cancer


Scope of use

1. Cement powder waterproof, basement, roof, pool, wall cancer, pool, swimming pool, sewage pool, water tower, reservoir

2. Special for breeding fish ponds and drinking water pools (both positive and negative water pressure can be applied)

3. Waterproof and maintenance of concrete wall or brick wall structure inside and outside the basement and underground.

4. Waterproofing of the building's infrastructure.

5. Tile, stone, pink surface, rough embryo bottom, RC structure surface



General cement waterproof material v.s inorganic waterproof material


General cement waterproof material

"Meibibao" cement waterproof material


Does not have the characteristics of other kinds of cement (such as mixed, special cement), general engineering, construction use

Through special structural strengthening technology, it has the characteristics of waterproof, strong bonding force, high compactness and good impermeability. It is suitable for general construction and engineering use.


Low water repellency, waterproof film formation, easy to seep.

Good water resistance, permeable crystal waterproof

Environmental protection

Low pollution

No heavy metals, no volatile solvents, good for the environment

Weather resistance

Medium, maintenance, 5~8 years

Strong, no maintenance, can last for more than 15 years

Implementation procedures and costs

Multiple construction, long working hours and high cost

One-time construction, short working hours and low cost


Smooth and elastic, not easy to overlap

Can be overlapped with various substrates

Material shelf life

3~5 years

More than 10 years

Strengthen the cement surface

No, the surface is false

Increase cement strength by 10% and increase hardness to 8H








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