Brand origin  Medusa story

The company's main products can be water-based paint made of artificial stone, imitation granite texture, where the eyes and the material can be used, like magic, Medusa eyes everywhere, showing the true to life meticulous stone texture, so the company's brand named "Taiwan Medusa" .

Medusa’s owner, Hua Tsai Paints Co., LTD who is specialized in waterborne imitating stone paint and full series of inorganic waterproofing material. All of our material is formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Compare with traditional constructing procedure, we can safe more than 50% of time and works, make your building structure’s life longer.

Our product got many awards during these years, we have national green building material certification, the 27th Innovation Research Award for Taiwan SMEs and Taiwan Excellence 2022.

Environmental protection is Hua Tsai's core concept, so we develop imitating stone paint to take place of real one, therefore we can avoid to over develop and destruct the nature, to reach sustainable development.
Imitating stone paint can be applied on any shape and any material, it is not be limited.

We have expert RD team and full experience service team to offer you one shop service, also we can customize the product which can reach over 95% of similarity according to your demand.

With the base of Integrity, responsibility and creativity, Hua Tsai Paints Co. Ltd. can offer various, beauty and healthy life aesthetics.

The concept of modern architecture should be to a hundred years of construction, environmental protection and coexistence and common prosperity, sustainable development, build pollution-free environment space, we create a new generation of coatings by the aging technology used in modern architecture and traditional architecture, to avoid the destruction to nature, artificial stone paint, in place of the real natural stone.