• Fixed high elastic waterproof material
  • Fixed high elastic waterproof material

Fixed high elastic waterproof material

Model : WE-101A、WE-101B1(無機礦纖粉體)、WE-101B2(纖維型滾塗型)

Fixed high elastic waterproof material (A、B)


│Main ingredients │Waterborne German EVA environmentally friendly resin.

│ Scope of application │ mixed use in exterior walls, window frames, secondary joints, toilets, balconies, sinks, reservoirs, swimming pools, multi-layer wall guide ditch waterproofing, inclined roof waterproofing, underground outdoor walls, atrium garden waterproofing

│Features│High elongation, high solid content, breathable and wet construction, and cement is especially strong. After construction, it can be directly applied as a soft bottom tile, without hydrolysis, tensile strength, toughness, and adhesion. Excellent, non-sticky, water-based, non-toxic, non-brittle for a long time, not soaking in water, in line with environmental discharge standards. The fibrous inorganic mineral fiber powder further enhances tensile strength and toughness.

│Construction ratio │ 10-15% water addition

│Coating method │A agent with B agent, WE-101 B1: brushing, rolling or spraying, WE-101 B2: brushing, roller coating.

│Usage method│Use agitator, mix special hardener, stir well to completely uniform. The construction temperature needs to be above 5 °C. Rainy days and strong winds cannot be applied. Ventilation equipment should be used in confined spaces.

│ drying time │ 4 hours

│Theoretical coating amount │ 0.8kg /
│weight│ A agent: 18kg   B agent: 20kg

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