The company has excellent service team with high quality, efficient business philosophy, the pursuit of higher quality for our life, developing a series of non-toxic natural material coating, promote technology, become the building, construction, design, the best use of the specified brand retail market, provide more quality safety and quality of life for people.

Set up, in good faith, responsible, supplemented by innovation, to provide a rich life aesthetics
Apply for investment in processing export zone, set up factory investment case, and set up dealer in Tainan
Officially entered the Nantze export processing zone for environmental protection equipment placement license case.
Participated in the national processing export area investment construction competition, won the landscape maintenance and design beautification two awards
Through environmental protection permission to obtain formal factory settings
Through international verification, ISO9001 audit and Accreditation
Set up overseas marketing team
Research and development of innovative soft paint and anti freeze waterproof material
Research and development of color rock floor coatings
The introduction of new products - star bright color crystal coating

The company's products mainly adopts spraying technology, we will be building decoration materials, with simple construction technology, reduce manpower and convenient construction, shorter working hours, to achieve economic benefits, adhere to the water environmental protection non-toxic, low consumption of raw materials for the production principle, provide customers with the best service, to create a high quality of life.