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2 A new choice of light texture for Xiaopingshu decoration-art paint, imitation stone paint 2022-02-08
3 The star product "Love Waterproof" of Huacai Coatings won the 30th Taiwan Excellence Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Taiwan made MIT waterproof materials 2022-01-11
4 Interior decoration must see! Imitation marble TV wall in place of stone plus smooth seamless floor! It is not too late to know Caiyan Dibao floor coating now! 2022-01-05
5 Exterior wall peeling has become mainstream! An unmissable exterior paint for the renovation of old houses, which perfectly solves the problem of the uplift of the exterior wall tiles! 2022-01-05
6 Taiwan-made mit "Love Waterproof" waterproof project recommended first choice|Time-saving and labor-saving waterproof material 2021-11-11
7 [Wall cancer treatment, rely on this treasure]: Meibibao beautifies your walls and prevents the recurrence of wall cancer 2021-11-11
8 Naturally realistic, tailored stone-like paint increases home value and creates a stylish aesthetic 2021-08-10
9 [Recommendation of new inorganic waterproof materials] Huacai paint improves construction process, saves manpower and reduces time consumption 2021-08-10
10 "Safe Home Concept", an article to understand the best choice for self-built and self-built | Decorate a good house with first-class flame-resistant art paint 2021-06-16
11 Kaohsiung waterproof manufacturer takes you to know water-based environmentally friendly coatings, subverting your understanding of coatings, and using green building materials is your only choice 2021-06-16
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