• Permeated crystal material
  • Permeated crystal material
  • Permeated crystal material

Permeated crystal material

Easy to brush to waterproof

Permeated crystal material

│Material Description│

Acrylic inorganic resin


The infiltrated crystal material is a surface inorganic filling method, and is combined with a small amount of resin, and is a filling effect because it reacts with calcium carbonate.

For the waterproof performance of exterior paint.



│Packing Specifications│



5 gallons

18.5 / kg

│Trial scope│

Cement base, calcium silicate board, stone...etc.

│ Drying time │

Indoor: 15-20 minutes

Outdoor: 10 minutes

│Using tools│

Roller, brush, spray gun

Storage time │ 18 months.

H. The results of the use of infiltrated crystal materials are as follows:

A. Before drying
On the left is the use of penetrating crystalline materials
Not used on the right

B. After drying
In the middle, there is a waterproof effect of using penetration, and it is waterproof and has no water absorption.
The part of the infiltrated crystalline material is not used, the wall surface is darker, the water absorption speed is fast, and there is no waterproof effect.

A.       Introduction of products

1.     Acrylic inorganic resin

2.     Permeated crystal material is Surface filling method, combined with a small amount of forest grease, because of the filling effect with carbonic acid.

3.     Use inside and outside walls to improve waterproofing performance


B.       Construction use and water addition ratio


Water addition ratio



Waterproof( mix cement and sand= 1 : 3 )

1 times


C.       Packaging specifications and area of use

Package specification

Base surface and use area

5 gallon /18kg

Wall 0.2kg/m2

Ground 0.3kg/m2


D.       Scope of use

Cement baseCalcium silicate board, stone and other materials.


E.       Construction steps

1. Base surface cleaning: remove base dust, foreign matter and raised iron nails, cement blocks, repair base surface and cracks.
2. Pollution protection operation: Protect the scope of application and the surrounding area to avoid contamination of other non-application environments during construction.
3. (Use of primer) Add 50% water, brush or spray on the wall with roller or brush, and finish after drying.
4. (Use of waterproof material) Add 1 time of water, mix cement and sand (1:3), can be used as waterproofing foundation (thickness 3mm).


F.        use tools

brush, Roller, spray gun.


G.      drying time

2-4 hours


H.       Shelf life

18 months

Image description

 General cement test    Using permeable crystalline


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