"Medusa Paint" gives architectural color aesthetics and pop colors create a new living space

"Medusa Paint" gives architectural color aesthetics and pop colors create a new living space"

Provide a new choice for environmentally friendly appearance of the building

In the home style design, the feeling expressed by "color" is often the most important. It is not only limited to simple personal preferences, but also expresses the personality of the owner. The social phenomenon and the background of the times are also affected by the popularity of color. We can The interactive way is converted into color. Imagine a space where the bright colors are interspersed with each other, and the stunning visual style is arranged, or the cool and cool colors are similar, which can also give people a simple and clean visual effect.

Modern people enjoy the quality of life, know how to slow down, enjoy the slow pace of life, slow down at the right time, we find that we can do things better, improve the quality of work, and even live better. .

Therefore, there is more space to rest, which makes them more focused and more successful in their work. In a way, these changes will produce one plus one and two more!

Space color can help you achieve this lifestyle. The color matching principle is "small dark color" and "balanced light color". The large area is based on white wall, and the side wall can be replaced with heavy dark color or The light color is the base color, and the light color is suitable for the homeowner to release some invisible pressure.





 Nowadays, influenced by the rise of environmental awareness, the new generation of new life styles will be biased towards woodworking, handcrafting, gardening design, etc... The possibility of looking for color from natural elements, the recent earth color, the clear water gray system, giving people a simple A sense of belonging, friends who like simple life, may wish to consider the color matching effect in this direction.






Color can affect people's perception. Color changes can make people feel happy or depressed, calm, etc. When the appearance of the building is full of rich colors, the color of the home that is in contact with each other for a long time also affects our lives.

In interior design, especially for long-term use, earth color is a color that is often used. It is a neutral color and has a low chroma color. The commonly used building materials can be balanced by using warm and warm colors and complementary colors.

The space at home is still the most used in warm colors. For example, white has more than a dozen whites. The lily white that we know is added with green, which makes the space feel warm. Generally used for warm gray tone, such as gray, green tone.

On the psychological level, color can represent emotions, red is enthusiasm, yellow is naive joy, orange is warm and lively, green is peaceful and leisurely, blue is quiet and clear, purple is noble and elegant, according to experimental blue It can improve people's work efficiency, improve reading efficiency, green makes people relax, white feels pure white, because we use different spaces to use, you can match colors according to your needs.

The color matching reference is provided below:



S__6365214.jpg S__6365220.jpg


S__6365219.jpg S__6365218.jpg