2020 Kaohsiung International Building Materials Exhibition-a perfect ending

2020 Kaohsiung International Building Materials Exhibition-a perfect ending


In 2020 Kaohsiung International Building Materials Exhibition, "Energy-saving Light Control x Smart Building" is exhibited at Booth S4001 in the South Hall. The interaction between architecture and city is created through the combination of lighting and color. It has been deeply involved in the waterproof and coating industry for more than 30 years. It is developed by MIT The manufactured "Taiwan Medusa" brand has launched Huacai coatings for domestic and foreign markets. This year, combined with Arctic Optoelectronics energy-saving dimming control technology, together create unlimited possibilities!

Huacai Coatings started from the grassroots waterproofing project, from engineering to research and development. Huacai uses natural plants as raw materials to develop a series of safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic natural material coatings and waterproofing materials, and make water-based coatings into artificial stone and imitation stone. The granite texture "really true color rock".

Many of these products have been used and tested in the market for many years and have been widely recognized by all walks of life. At present, many large-scale construction companies such as Xingfufa Construction and Beijing Construction are using the company's products.

Arctic Optoelectronics uses the core technology of electronic circuit design to actively develop, design, and produce lighting design and planning for space and environment, and even invest in ships, vehicles, plant factories and FDA-certified medical-grade lighting equipment. In recent years, it has been more committed to the field of "intelligent energy-saving lighting", using the exclusive developed patented dimming drive device, which can control and adjust the light according to the demand for light in different fields and at different times, such as: underground parking lanes and parking spaces Lighting control (different needs for commuting, normal, night, manned, unmanned, etc.) can save up to 85% of electricity bills.


On-site lighting can be controlled and adjusted by remote control (such as: brightening, dimming, color changing... etc.)

This time, combined with Northern Optoelectronics, we are committed to developing a variety of high-efficiency dimming and non-dimming drivers, professional and innovative, presenting "architectural coating x lighting lighting", innovative display space to construct lights, colors, imitation stone, and artistic coatings on site, Equipped with Arctic Optoelectronics' high-efficiency dimming lighting, there is no need to switch the switch, and the lighting is controlled and adjusted directly by wireless remote control, which fully demonstrates the "intelligent energy-saving lighting", which attracts the attention of many builders, decorators and interior designers, and impresses visitors.