• construction program

construction program

Taiwan Medusa coating for the water environmental protection science and technology products, simple construction, has multiple functions:

Finish, anti ultraviolet radiation, non absorbent, water repellent, self-cleaning, anti fouling, strong weatherability,

Primer - good crack resistance, strong adhesion, water resistance, alkali mud, good coverage, can not be affected by the wall micro cracks, the product is entirely made in Taiwan, and applied to public buildings and major construction companies

The construction of Taiwan Medusa mainly has four coat of paint:

The first coating - high adhesion interface material (primer)
PR-001 (general type), PR-703 (tile type), PR-705 (metal)
Excellent adhesion, resistance to alkali cement, various types of bottom material covered are applicable (paint surface, old tiles do not have to fight in, can be directly covered).

Second coat - rich makeup - interior type special primer, also true color outdoor rock elastic modeling paint
It is a medium coating, which is used as the main color of the background, and has the elasticity, and can improve the durability and toughness of the coating on the building

Third coat - rich material makeup, also true color rock material... The wood and other products.
As the coating material, coating color is the main color spray can form. Every kind of texture texture. Such as imitation stone, imitation granite, imitation wallpaper and other effects.

Fourth coat waterproof finish
Waterproof, alkali resistance, protection, and anti ultraviolet UV, divided into plain (TC-001), light (TC-502) two brightness.